• The economic benefits of New York State airports are impressive. According to data from the New York State Department of Transportation and updated figures from the Port Authority of NY-NJ, the aviation industry contributes over $72.3 billion in annual economic activity in New York State and more than 500,000 NY based jobs in aviation or aviation-related industries, generates $25.8 billion in payroll and well over $6 billion in state and local tax revenue annually.
  • A NYSDOT study, “Economic Impacts of Aviation,” concluded that strategic public investment in airports is essential to long-term economic recovery and growth of the state.
  • General Aviation (GA) accounts for numerous airports, pilots, fuel purchases, community access and quality of life for New Yorkers.
  • NYSDOT had strongly recommended creating this incentive for attracting business aviation to NY airports. Their data shows that on average each based aircraft is equal to 5 direct on-airport jobs and $1 million in annual economic activity for the state in which it is located.
  • The aviation industry in New York State needs a robust, recurring long-term state capital investment program to sustain and expand on this impressive economic potential and job creation generator to fuel the recovery.