The New York Aviation Management Association was founded in 1976 as the New York Airport Managers Association by representatives of New York State airports as a means to harness and maximize the economic potential of New York's aviation industry. NYAMA has served as the voice of New York's aviation industry, promoting the benefits of airports to communities, the state, and the state's economy and advocating for the overall betterment of aviation. NYAMA has long been at the center of the state's aviation community, providing a forum for members to exchange information and ideas and to connect with industry leaders and experts, as well as with each other.

The 13,000 people represented by our members and affiliate members include airport managers and representatives from over 120 of the commercial and general aviation airports in the state. NYAMA's membership is comprised of representatives from across the aviation industry, including fixed base operators, aviation management consultants, higher education institutions, engineering firms, state government agencies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers.

NYAMA Bylaws 
NYAMA Strategic Plan