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2024 NYAMA Membership and Renewal Application

NYAMA advocates for airports to deliver major positive economic impact by bringing air service, jobs and tax revenue to the state and its communities. Airports are economic engines fueling growth in the communities they serve. According to data from the New York State Department of Transportation and updated figures from the Port Authority of NY-NJ, the aviation industry contributes over $72 billion in annual economic activity in New York State and more than 500,000 NY based jobs in aviation or aviation-related industries. The economic benefits of New York State airports are impressive. As a whole, aviation generates $25 billion in payroll and well over $6 billion in state and local tax revenue annually.

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Organizational Membership
Airports, FBO's, aviation businesses, professional consultants 

Aviation Partner Members
Educational facilities, flying clubs, and non-profits 

Association Partner Members
Government and students 

Membership Categories

The membership categories and dues structure recognizes the organization or entity's ability to pay AND the potential benefits to be gained from being a member of NYAMA. Recent legislative successes have come as a result of professional lobbying assistance and superior administration of NYAMA's affairs. These services are expensive and must be reflected in NYAMA's dues structure. However, the results of our combined efforts over the past few years emphasize the value of being a member of NYAMA.

The annual dues are as follows :

  • Commercial Service (Very Large) (Over 5 million enplanements) -- $15,000
  • Commercial Service (Large) (Over 750,000 enplanements) -- $6,500
  • Commercial Service (Medium) (50,000 to 750,000 enplanements) -- $1,250
  • Commercial Service (Small) (Less than 50,000 enplanements) -- $500
  • Commercial Service (Smaller) (Less than 10,000 enplanements) -- $250
  • GA (Large) (Over 150 based aircraft) -- $1,000
  • GA (Medium) (100 to 150 based aircraft) -- $800
  • GA (Small) (Less than 100 based aircraft) -- $300
  • Business Partner (Professional consultants and vendors over 100 employees) -- $2,100
  • Business Partner Small (less than 100 employees)- $1,600
  • Business Partner Solo (1-9 employees) - $350
  • FBO (Large) (Over 100 employees) -- $1,250
  • FBO (Medium) (50 to 100 employees) -- $650
  • FBO (Small) (Less than 50 employees) -- $350
  • Aviation Partner (Educational facilities, flying clubs, and non-profits) -- $350
  • Association Partner (Government agencies, students, and honorary members) -- Complimentary!
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If you should have any questions regarding membership please contact us at [email protected] or 518-687-2241.  Thank you!